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Founded in 2017 Spherity has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital identity industry with the aim to power the 4th Industrial Revolution, bringing secure identities to machines, algorithms, and other non-human entities.

As a German company, that has successfully developed and launched a productive service for the highly regulated US pharmaceutical industry, we are proud to have customers like Johnson&Johnson, Novartis, GlaxoSmithCline and others. The developed solution, initially tailored for the US pharmaceutical industry, boasts versatility that extends to other regulated sectors. Collaborations with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs like BMW, Volvo) and entry into the financial sector are underway, particularly within the European network. The years of effort invested in building up a network are paying off now. The industry is finally ready to see and benefit from Spherity’s technology.

Currently, Spherity is gearing up for the next phase of business expansion, with the goal of scaling and generating 5 Mio. USD in recurring revenue by 2025. We are a trusted player in the market and have ensured financial stability of the company's operations. Recently, we closed another investment round of 2.5 mEUR, backed by a number of renowned investors emerging from the proactive technology Web3 sector. Additionally, Spherity has secured R&D grants of above > 2 mEUR for upcoming years.

Spherity's momentum stems from its founders and their team, who serve as the driving forces behind the company's initiatives.  

Meet Carsten, the physicist-turned-CEO, he serves as a Council Member of the Global Future Network for the World Economic Forum and has an impressive history with major corporates like innogy, RWE, Accenture, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Driven by a passion for innovative identity solutions within circular systems, Carsten is the force behind Spherity's cutting-edge approach.  

And then, there's Michael – the CFO and COO, an expert in IT and innovation. With two successful ventures under his belt and a journey through RWE, SMS Demag, ThyssenKrupp, and the Fraunhofer Institute, Michael is an experienced strategist. His diverse technological expertise across industries brings a distinctive touch to the Spherity team.  

Spherity as of now employs ~25 people with diverse cultural backgrounds. The company has its roots in Berlin and Dortmund. Our employees actively contribute to our objectives, hailing not only from Germany but also from various countries within and outside the EU. Sales & Marketing including Customer Success & Service operations are currently driven by a total of 7 employees.
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